Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mr. DeMille, Is It time For My Close Up?

You have seen the power of Zoom, now behold the splendor that is Macro.

Our Prime Minister has recently returned to me that portion of my Income Taxes that he was not entitled too. I decied that I needed one more lense to complete my new camera package; a 100mm F2.8 Macro lens. At 11 inches, it can reproduce life-size images or really neat stuff. I have taken some pictures of the flowers that my wife got after her surgery, some rocks outside, some stupid household items, and of course pictures of the cats.

In Monday's post, Beau Beau & Angie said... "Had to post again -- Baci looks so so stunning in that shot and has the look of an old soul. Do you think so?"

I don't think he has an old soul, but he does have a deep intelligense within his eyes that is far greater than his eight months of life. This lead me to look through some of the 1,000 pictures I have taken of the cats since I got the new camera. Did I ever tell you much I enjoy digital cameras?

The following two pictures are pretty close to life size. I can't be completely sure because neither Bella nor Dolce were very cooperative when I tried to hold their heads up next to the computer monitor.

Click to biggify
Bella's eyes don't so much imply an old soul, but a deeply caring and loving one. She has the biggest eyes of all of the cats. They make her seem like a kitten still.

Click to biggify
Dolce's eyes say Trouble, with a capital "T".

Everyone stated how terrifying Magoo looked as he patrolled his backyard. I wanted everyone to also see why we love him so much. When he is asleep. Magoo is a great big purring teddy bear.
Click to biggify
Note his tongue partially sticking out.

Pee Ess: I have no picture of Baci's eyes closeup because he always scrunches his face up when I get too close with the camera.


  1. Could these guys be any more gorgeous!! I don't think so. :)

    Beautiful, beautiful kitties.

  2. oh my goodness, how gorgeous!!! the fierce ones are always really the sweetest, they just like to protect what is theirs. Bella really does have that wide eyes wonderment look like a kitten. - Meezer Mom

    Oh, Mr Magoo's daddy - you should take pikshurs of kitties for a lifing. - Miles

  3. Mum likes to get pictures of my eyes too. Windows into the soul, wisdom that can't be spoken.

  4. Purrty Dolce,

    I tag you for the meme "7 Random Facts About Me(You)". Purrliss check out my blog for details on how to play.


  5. hehehe - love that tongue! you're all gorgeous. hooray for Macro!

  6. Magoo, i tagged you, come to my blog to read

  7. I love the closeups of the kitties. They are simply wonderful. Baci and Bella, I tagged you. Come to my blog to read about it.