Monday, May 14, 2007

Magoo's Mancat Monday

It finally feels like spring has chased away the winter blahs. Believe or not we still had pockets of snow up to two weeks ago. The four cats have been yelling at us to let them outside and enjoy the warm spring weather. Baci has finally discovered what Spring means and he heartily agrees with Dolce that it is a very wonderful thing; but that is for a another post.

Today my Soldier is truly a Mancat. We got the lawn aerated and dethatched and moved and cleaned up from all the snow mould and dead grass from the winter. We had noticed that this year due to the heavy snowfall which left a deep layer of insulating snow, we had an unwanted mouse-type visitor. Not really mouse-type, more like actual mouse.

We had a suspicion that the intruder was hiding under a small storage shed. I took it apon myself to show Magoo that he had not kept all of the intruders out of the yard. By the way, my Wife does not like discussing this, it makes her sick to her stomache that her baby boy actually dispatched another creature to the great beyond.

A couple of paw twacks and a precise placement of his mighty fangs, and Mr. Mouse was given his wings and sent on heavenly way. To be fair this is the first mouse I have ever seen Magoo relieve of his earthly burden. (I can't use the word kill because it upsets the wife, so shhh about the illingkay of the ousemay.)

So I give you our triumphant Mouse-Dispatcher, Magoo, fresh from his behavioral enrichment.


  1. Grate, now mom ekspekts me to kill da ants in da kitchen...Way to go Magoo!

  2. We're very impressed with the way that you enabled that mouse to relocate to a better place. Didja get to eat it?

  3. Fierce & mighty Magoo!!
    Good Boy! It's very satisfying isn't it?!

  4. that is awesome! i'll bet you had the bestest dreams after that. i haven't gotten to actually send anything to the great beyond since I was rescued 'cause I'm indoor only, but I certainly remember that heady feeling... *kitty paws clapping* Well done Magoo!