Monday, August 21, 2006

They're back!

Sorry about being away so long, but mom and dad were on vacation and Dad locked down the computer before he left. He said something about not wanting any repeats of last year's online ordering spree from It seems that in the abscence of Dad's heavy handed guidance, Smudge and Bella thought it would be a good idea to corner the market in Catnip Mousies. It turns out their command of Supply and Demand Economics is limited to: We Demand It, You Supply It.

While Mom and Dad were gone, our Grandma (Mom's mom) and our Grandpa (Dad's dad) came and looked after us. Grandpa really isn't a cat person, but we were nice to him. (IE Magoo did not bite him this time.) Grandma is a cat person and she would sit and play and talk with us. She is owned by a tortie named Cloe. She is the one Magoo bit several years ago and she had to get a tetanus shot from a doctor. She likes Magoo, but he scares her sometimes. Last year, he didn't want her to leave so he cornered her in the kitchen. Mom and Dad told her it is because of her perfume; Magoo has a thing for Opium perfume.

Smudge loves his Grandma. She said that he would follow her around the house and tried to cuddle up with her whenever she sat on the sofa. Grandma loves Smudge right back, but we are not to tell him that because he might get a swelled head.

Bella was in her own little world. She is very independent modern female cat. But she sure missed Mom and Dad.

I personally helped Grandma whenever she came over to check on us. She thinks I'm cute, but she doesn't always appreciate my assistance. But seriously, how can you check to make sure the Stinky Goodness is being shared equally between all four cats unless you are right there on the counter supervising?



  1. I vote "yes" for Smudge and Bella's law of supply and demand.

    I am glad your Mom and Dad are back but it is too bad that you couldn't get to the computer. You really could have told all.

  2. Smudge and Bella are right - that is demand and supply ekonomiks.

    Dolce, you are also right, someone has to soopervize the rashioning of the stinky goodness.

  3. It seems like you had a nice time while your human pets were away. Grandma and Grandpa definitely took good care of you! You're very lucky to have family like that near you! :)

  4. our Lady's looking at pictures of Smudge and wishing he'd follow her around fur cuddlin.

  5. Welcome back yall! We's glad you had Grandma and Grandpa to take care of you. That's much better than going to kitty jail!
    ~~ Sanjee

  6. Glad that you are all back to blogging. Hope the beans had a nice time off.

  7. We missed you all! You must supervise the Goodness at feeding time to make sure everyone gets his/her fair share. Gramma sounds very nice!