Friday, September 28, 2007

Magoo goes to the V-E-T

Dad tried to fool me into thinking we were going out to find party stuff for Dolce's purrthday party tomorrow. If I have a choice in this outing, why do you have the PTU out, I asked.

Dad stammered and mumbled. I was not fooled. You are taking me to that quack, Dr. Nick. I reminded Dad that the last time I went there, Dr. Nick took some of my bloods and did not give them back. I said that Dr. Nick is dishonest. He takes bloods without asking first. Dad said that Dr. Nick asks him. I told Dad that like Mom, I don't hold his opinion in very high regard. Case in point, whose decision was it to bring Baci home. I rest my case.

Dr. Nick! I wants my bloods back. They are very smart, they do not need to be tested.

Magoo the Annoyed

PS. Magoo's Dad: Magoo had to go and see Dr. Nick about his arthritic shoulders. Magoo has lost some weight which was desirable to take some stress of his shoulders, and he had to have a blood test done to make sure his insides are okay. Magoo may grumble a bit, but he was a very good boy for both Dr. Nick and the Vet-Techie-Lady.


  1. OH Magoo! I hope you are feeling well after your visit. I am so looking forward to Dolci's party!

  2. Yes, if the trip is to do something that is optional (and might be fun) then why do they bring out the PTU? Obviously they think we're as dumb as they are! Can't wait for Dolce's party

  3. Magoo,I'm sure that Dr, Nick will find that your bloods are just as smart as they were before. Hope you feel good for Dolce's party.
    Birthdays are fun!!

  4. oh Magoo, i is sorry that you hadded your bloods stolen. i hate it when that happens too. i hope you doesn't haf to go back. - Miles

  5. Yikes! blood stealing is a serious offense. if they take yours, you should be able to take some of theirs. give 'em the Big Bitey!