Monday, July 23, 2007

Response to The Meezers

It has been a busy month here at our house. We wents camping to America with Mom and Dad and we visited Uncle gruffy McGruffypants. Dad has a lot of pictures from our camping in Montana so he is going to post them soon.

We were tagged by Miles of The Meezers a while back and Dad is just letting us respond now.

What were you doing 10 years ago
Magoo: Just chilling in the old apartment. I had the whole place to myself.
Bella: Nuthing, wasn’t born yet
Dolce: Same as Bella
Baci: Dreaming about chick-hen

(Dolce: Baci wasn’t dreaming about chick-hen ten years ago, he wasn’t even born yet. Stoopid brother.)

What were you doing one year ago?
Magoo: Wondering why Mom and Dad brought Dolce into the house.
Bella: Same as Magoo.
Dolce: Making goo-goo eyes at Scout
Baci: Dreaming about chick-hen

(Dolce: Baci wasn’t dreaming about chick-hen one year ago, he wasn’t even born yet. Stoopid brother.)

Five Snacks you enjoy
Magoo: Maxcat gourmet treats, Pounce treats, Crab, tuna water, Turkey
Bella: Salmon, Chick-hen, Crab, tuna water, Turkey
Dolce: Salmon, Chick-hen, Crab, tuna water, Turkey
Baci: Salmon, Chick-hen, Crab, Chick-hen and chick-hen

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
Stand By me, Black Velvet Band (Irish version not the sucky Allanah Myles version), Wild Rover, Shout, and Danny Boy

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Magoo: Set up Financial Grant board for all the solitary cat rescue people in North America (No money for big operations)
Bella: Build a hospice for ailing and older cats
Dolce: By a new Plasma screen TV for Dad. (Hey Dad did I spell that right?)
Baci: Buy a chick-hen farm

Five Bad Habits.
Magoo: Peeing on stuff
Bella: none, I’m a perfect little girl (OK, Hopping the fence and visiting the nice neighbor lady)
Dolce: Crying out to Baci in the middle of the night ** We call this her booty call **
Baci: I poot lots

Five Things you like Doing
Magoo: Peeing on stuff
Bella: Laying on the patio outside and chasing bugs
Dolce: Making booty calls to Baci at 2:45am
Baci: Playing fetch with Mom and Dad

Five things you would never wear again
Magoo: A collar
Bella: A collar
Dolce: The stooped t-shirt mom bought me
Baci: Anything pink. Sorry Skeezix, but pink doesn’t match my pretty blue eyes.

Five Favorite Toys
Magoo: Catnip pillows
Bella: Catnip mouses, grasshoppers, whirly bird toy
Dolce: Catnip mouses, socks and Baci
Baci: Catnip mouses and fuzzy balls and Dolce

If you haven't been tagged, consider yourself tagged.


  1. I have to admit, pink isn't my color either Baci. I guess that's what makes life interesting huh?

  2. Good to have you all back! Dolce is so silly! And Bella you are like Josie - a perfect little girl. :)


    Can't wait to see your vacation pictures!

  3. great answers guys! we can't wait to see your camping pikshurs!!!!

  4. booty call? you mean you actually LIKE your brother?

    we can't seem to stop thinking about chick-hen...
    Midnight & Cocoa