Monday, November 20, 2006

Midnight Monday

There is no update for Smudge. Dr. Nick's wife had a baby last week so we can kind of understand why he hasn't talked to Dad yet. Smudge really does not like the low-protein food. Dad has had to resort to mixing it will his other Sensitive Stomache food. The problem is that the other two eating machines (Magoo and Dolce) seem to have no issues about wolfing down Smudge's food.

Dad had tried to be nice and not do a lot of shameless self-promotion, but after reading the other entries at Skeezik's new contest, Dad figures he needs to get the word out about Smudge's Tale of Devoshun.


  1. sometimes it's hard to change foods - hopefully Smudge will get used to the new food.

  2. Moose used to eat the Hill's Feline K/D and he really like it.

    The Mom wanted to let you know that there is a great site to check out:

    It has a lot of information on CRF and a lot of tips to help you out. She said that she joined a bunch of Feline CRF groups on Yahoo! too that provided a lot of information. If you need any of the links e-mail me via the Mom at cat at hockeycat93 dot com

  3. Mixing is a good idea when trying new food. Smudge, you are as handsome and mysterious as ever...
    ~ turtle

  4. Smudge, I hope you start eating and feeling a bit better. I too hate to have my food changed. Of course, I'll eat almost anything but the ALMOST covers a lot of ground if I decide to be stubborn.

  5. What a great picture! We are still purrayin' for you all. Smudge, we hopes you start to like your new food soon.

  6. That's an excellent Midnight Monday pic! A low protein diet sounds like no fun. Hopefully you'll find the magic combination soon.

  7. You look very comfy, Smudge!

    It's hard getting used to weird food, isn't it? I hope it gets better for you real soon.

  8. The right fud is very important Smudge. So you can be in the best shape and healthy everyfing has to be running like a well oiled furnace. Huh? who said dat? Dat didn't sound like us. It makes sense tho huh?

  9. It's no fun haffing to eats speshull food .I haf to eat *whisper* diet food cuz mum tells me it will do me good

  10. Dear Smudges Dad,
    My mum told me to write to you and tell you about the pills I am on for my kidneys.
    I am a old fella cat (18) & my kidneys were starting to fail, our old vet told mum to feed me special food as that is all that could be done but when she went to a new vet he put me on pills called: Fortekor 5 mg (benazepril hydochloride), I take 1/2 a pill a day.
    These are cat heart pills but the vet said if you take a small dose a side effect of them is that it can help stop kidney deterioration.
    Well I started taking them 2 years ago & put weight back on & stopped drinking so much water and my kidneys haven't gotten any badder.
    Made me (almost) like a kitten again.
    I don't know if these would help smudge but you never know.
    Good luck & congratulations to Smudge on winning Skeezix the Cat's Thanksgiving Tales of Devoshun Kontest.