Thursday, July 06, 2006

Playing in the Backyard

It has been far too long since Dad let us at the computer. Actually, we weren't that interested, becuase it's summer here and the backyard is our favourite place area.

Dolce thinks no one can see her behind this dandelion. (As soon as I can I will try to get some video of her running around the backyard. She has two speeds, off and light-speed.)

This is Magoo's favourite sleepy spot in the backyard. He will lay here for hours in the shade, while his crazy sister is busy chasing bugs or Bella and Smudge.

Smudge wishes he had a sleepy spot where Dolce couldn't find him. Dolce loves to chase him or Bella around the backyard. Secretly, I think he enjoys it too.

If you want to know where Bella is, she is inside. It seems that she did not feel that being restricted to our backyard was acceptable and she went for a visit to our neighbors. Luckily, she picked the nice ones behind us who also have some furriends.


  1. You guys actually get to go outside, eh? The Mom doesn't allow us to do that, except if we're in the bad box which means we're going to the V-E-T. Anyways, it's too darn hot outside for my liking.

  2. I only get to go outside in my 'screened porch' thing. Ah, to feel the green grass under my paws.

  3. Oh, I am so glad you are having fun! Wish we had a back yard!

    Really nice to read your blog again! I like outdoor pictures, too.

  4. Dolce is so cute behind the dandelion! They look like they sure love the yard.

  5. It seems like you had a great time outside. Poor Bella running off to visit the neighbors, though, reminds me of what is happening here at our House.

    As if there weren't enough excuses for us not to go into the backyard, now we have a big one: two labrador puppies who have broken a hole into the backyard fence and come into our yard to play. The human pet is never going to let me out like you kitties!

  6. is a big cat! wow! nice! =^^=